How McConnell World Works

Source: Politico

Anna Palmer

Date: 11/17/14

In Mitch McConnell’s world, it doesn’t matter who works in his Hill office, who left for K Street or who runs his campaign, almost everyone calls the Kentucky Republican “Boss.”

Indeed, interviews with a number of those closest to the incoming Senate majority leader say there’s little difference between the McConnell confidants who used to be on his payroll and those who still are: a couple dozen key players, from political operatives to senior leadership staff to outside policy wonks, work nearly seamlessly to advance his agenda, whether it’s getting him reelected or pushing bills through. A number of those closest to McConnell are alumni turned lobbyists, and they too have retained their access to his office and staff in a mutually beneficial way, advancing his interests at the same time they gather intel for clients who pay their firms millions of dollars.

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