Former McConnell Aides Launch Firm

Source: The Hill

By: Megan R. Wilson

Date: 3/13/15

Former high-ranking aides to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have formed an “issues management” firm called Cavalry, according to an announcement.

Josh Holmes, McConnell’s former chief of staff, has joined forces with the former staff director of the Senate Republican Communications Center, John Ashbrook to create the firm. The two men also helped mastermind the senator’s 2014 reelection campaign.

“We’ll take the formula that was so successful in winning the toughest political battles and apply it to the private sector,” Holmes, who serves as a president at the firm, said in a statement. “Cavalry will combine our unique strategic approach with a full suite of cutting-edge services and we’ll build state-of-the-art issue campaigns that deliver for our clients.”

The firm will help a variety of nonprofit, political and corporate clients, it said in a release. Services range from message development and image management to crisis communications and strategic consulting. They also offer full campaign management for clients.

“We’re excited about getting this off the ground because we know there are a lot of clients out there who can win using our approach,” Ashbrook, a founding partner, said in a statement. “Every client will receive a customized package of services, tailor-made for their specific needs.”

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